CEDAR HILL (CBSDFW.COM) – Beloved pets have been buried at the Pet Memorial Park in Cedar Hill for decades.  But in a matter of weeks, the property is scheduled to be sold at auction for unpaid property taxes.

“I was absolutely stunned! You go to a pet cemetery, any cemetery and you believe your loved one is gonna be there forever..and I was so shocked this could possibly happen. It kills me… I’ve cried and cried until I don’t have any more tears and then I start all over again…”

Janie Fisher has ten pets buried at the pet cemetery.  On her fixed income, she’s saved and paid for an 11th plot for her feline friend, Sheba.  She was devastated to learn that there are no state laws that prohibit future owners from developing the property.

“That’s not right!  anyone can buy property, bury your animals there and then just walk away with your money.”

Fisher has been confined to a wheelchair for nearly fifity years and says her pets have been her family.  “They have brought me so much joy.”

Other pet owners, too, are furious that absentee owners who have taken their money for ‘perpetual care’ can now just walk away.

“It isn’t just about me and my pets, it’s about a whole community of pets… ”  Theresa Brandon bought three plots at the Pet Memorial Park — and has filed suit against the absent owners after learning that they hadn’t paid property taxes since 2004. she is hoping to rally the community to save the cemetery.

“We’ve got graves dating back to 1945…those people when they buried their loves ones here, they never thought about having to worry about their pets being paved over or dug up.”

Fisher says she would be heartbroken if the cemetery cannot be saved.  “It would just crush me. I keep reminding God his word is out there on their marker… I found scripture for animals and that’s what I put on each one’s grave.”

The Brandons have started a trust fund at Chase Bank to try and buy the property and keep it as a pet cemetery.  For more information, email bjbmemfundtrust@aol.com.