FORT WORTH (GADGETNATION.NET) – Gadget guru Steve Greenberg stopped by the CBS 11 News studios to offer up the following tech suggestions for improving the quality of your health and home. Products can be found online at the links provided in their descriptions.

Fitbit Ultra is a wearable, wireless activity monitor that tracks steps taken, flights of stairs climbed, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep quality — to give you a 24/7 picture of your health. Online, you can log food, weight and other physical activities, and also connect and compete with friends and family to track progress and meet goals. ( – $99.95)

Itron OPEN WAY Centron is the future of energy meters. It gives a safe, accurate two-way communication between your home and the energy utility. The outside smart meter sends a signal to the ‘In-Home Display,’ giving real time date on energy usage and the actual costs. As the Kilowatt per hour rate changes throughout the day, homeowners see those changes, so you really know how much energy you’re using and what it is really costing you. This smart meter empowers you to manage your life accordingly to save energy and money. (

EcoSmart Eco-11 Tankless Hot Water Heater is the only patented electric self-modulating tankless hot water heater, meaning there are no electric spikes or changes in temperature. It calculates how much power is needed based on the hot water demand at that moment, making it the most energy efficient electric hot water heater on the market. It’s also the only electric tankless hot water heater with a remote control, so you can adjust the water temperature from anywhere in the house — including the shower. By going tankless, you can save up to 60 percent on your hot water heating costs. For a family of four, it could be as much as $200 per year in savings. ( – $269)

The Energizer Universal Double USB Car Charger knows that our cars have become the place to charge so many of our tech toys. This new product from Energizer lets you charge two tech products at once in the car — perfect for charging your smartphone and GPS at the same time. ( – under $20)

The Skinny Fitted iPad Case is a cool, thin case with an auto on/off front cover that automatically wakes up the device and puts it to sleep. And its foldable front cover folds for both typing or viewing positions. The Skinny is complete protection for the iPad 2. ( – $40)

The DC-41 Animal Vacuum is the newest vacuum from Dyson, out just this week. It does all surfaces without turning a dial or touching a button. It automatically adjusts from thick carpet to hard floors in your home and car. Specifically designed to pick up pet hair and dust. And by significantly reducing allergens in the carpet and floor, it improves the air quality in the home and car. ( – under $600)

Litter Robot is the only automated, self-cleaning litter box product made in the United States. The Litter Robot makes life easier for cat owners by eliminating the daily hassle of litter box scooping. It also reduces smells and works with any type of clumpable litter. ( – $340)

The Callet is an all-in-one smartphone case and wallet for your iPhone of BlackBerry, made from durable and flexible, high-quality gel-polymer. It’s perfect for protecting your phone and holding your cash and cards. The Callet case comes in four colors including pink, blue, black and white. ( – $19.99)

And for more gadget suggestions, check out Greenberg’s book, Gadget Nation.