screen shot 2011 10 17 at 6 15 04 pm Rangers Vendor Offers Nuts & Excitement At The Ballpark

Kasey Tackett, whose odd vending techniques at Rangers games have garnered the nickname The Nut Guy.

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) –  The World Series means at least two extra days of work for vendors at Rangers Ballpark.

And that’s just fine with one employee. He loves his job and, apparently, so do the fans.

“I like to make the job fun, I mean, you’re here to work, but at the same time you’re at a baseball game,” said vendor Kasey Tackett. “You’re almost entitled to have fun, once you pay for the tickets, so I like to give people a good time.”

Tackett sells everything from sodas and water to peanuts, but it’s the latter item that has made him popular with fans.

“Apparently I’m known throughout the Metroplex as the nut guy,” the 17-year-old Lamar High School student said with a laugh.

Tackett started selling peanuts at the Ballpark in Arlington this season and his animated sales tactics have become a hit in the stands.

Videos of Kasey even ended up on YouTube.

“I never would have thought that they would have put that on the Internet,” he said, “once I saw that I thought it was hilarious.”

Sometimes he’s just as entertaining as the game itself, engaging the crowd to chant with him.

Now that the Texas Rangers have once again clinched a spot in the World Series, Kasey said he will need to step up his game, as well.

“When people get into the game you’re a lot less apt to sell stuff,” he said. “But at the same time the crowds get better and better as the games get better and better.”

He found that out in the final game of the ALCS.

“It was really hard to sell anything because people were so into the game,” he said, “I took my peanuts, put them down, and there was this Hispanic dude, and we just started going at it, just like chest bumping and high fiving, and then the guy in front of him wanted some, and so I went at it with him, and then I went down to the bottom of the row and came back up giving everybody high fives.”

But for the peanuts salesman, who works strictly on commission, seeing the Rangers win is better than any paycheck.

“It was more about being at the game and having a good time than selling almost, which I’m fine with,” he said. “I’d rather make 25 cents and the Rangers win a game like that than make a lot of money.”