SOUTHLAKE (CBSDFW.COM) – Polarizing conservative radio and TV host Glenn Beck is one step closer to moving his media empire to Southlake.

The city’s planning and zoning commission unanimously agreed Thursday to zoning changes and a site plan that would allow Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts to take over the former Gateway Church on Southlake Boulevard.

Beck would broadcast his radio show from the facility each morning.

Monday through Thursday from from four to six p.m., as many as 200 audience members could come in to watch him tape his subscription television show.

The facility could eventually support up to 100 employees.

The property all backs up against a neighborhood where residents are generally supportive of their new neighbor.

“I have a real positive outlook for this,” said Patty Minder. “It’s very positive for our town.”

Minder is one though who is also pushing for some considerations from the company.

She and others have asked for parking lot lights to be turned off after nine p.m.

They also asked Thursday that the company install a 12-hundred foot masonry wall along its border with homes.

“I mean who knows what this is going to bring into the community,” Minder said. “We’re just saying as the only residential, we would just like a little more security around our neighborhood.”

That wall could cost the company as much as $275,000 and may not be compatible with future city street plans.

It has already planned to build an eight-foot-tall iron fence around the building, and a second fence around the property in the future.

Mercury Radio Arts Chief of Staff Joseph Kerry has been in Southlake all week meeting withi residents and talking to them about their concerns with the change.

“We want to incorporate all the changes that we reasonably can to the extent its possible,” Kerry said.

The plan still has to get past the full city council next month.

Kerry couldn’t say how soon the purchase and move may be completed, but said five staff members have already been shopping for homes in the area.