By Steven Pickering, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

A lot of horror films hit the theaters in October, but some north Texas film makers are taking their celebration of Halloween one step further. They’re making their own horror films, and they’re doing it in 48 hours or less.

It’s a “video race”. Film and video societies across the country hold them each year, giving local producers and directors the chance to show their work. But the contest sponsored by this weekend has a twist – all films must be horror films. “We announce four elements: a theme, a prop, a location and a line of dialogue…all horror-related. Teams will have 48 hours to make a four to eight minute video including those elements,” said Joshua Butler with Texas Filmmakers.

KRLD’s Steven Pickering Reports: 

While other groups in Texas hold 48-hour film-making competitions, Butler said he believes his group is the first to do a horror-themed event. They got started a few years ago, and he said it has attracted several film-making teams each year. “You’ve got people that absolutely try to shock and awe you with the blood, the guts, the violence…and then you’ve got people that like to do spoofs of typical horror themes,” he said.

The race started Friday, October 21st at 10:00pm. Teams will have until 10:00pm Sunday to finish their project. The entries will be screened next week. Butler said it’s a great chance for film-makers to show what they can do while dealing with tight deadlines and ultra-low budgets. “You’re really under the gun to produce something clever. You have to produce it, edit it…all within 48 hours. It’s not easy. You have to really gel with your teammates. It’s truly a unique experience”.