By Tricia Mahoney

Yves Delorme
1600 South University Dr., Ste. 603
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm

Photo Credit: Tricia Mahoney

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Yves Delorme (pronounced Eve Delorm) is a spectacular fine European linens and home accessories boutique located in University Park Village, Fort Worth.

When you step over the threshold it feels like you have stepped onto The Avenue des Champs -Elysees in Paris. OOOOHHHH it is like an exquisite boudoir. The layout of the store is pristine and exudes elegance. The beautiful crystal chandeliers… dramatic light fixtures… exceptional beds, tables and chairs… luxurious linens… rich towels… sumptuous bedding… distinct pillows… yummy candles… are magnificent!

Yves Delorme opened the University Park Village store about 7 years ago. But they are far from inexperienced! This Paris-based, family-owned, premier Linen maker has been making linens since 1845. They have stores worldwide in France, Dubai and St. Petersburg; about 45 stores across the United States as well as are featured in a variety of corner stores. In 2008 they partnered with MIS EN DEMEURE, the French interior décor company, to offer furniture, accessories and light fixtures. “It is a great change for us and has taken the offering to another level. It’s an elegant and sophisticated new look for us,” states Leah Neubauer, Manager of the Ft. Worth location.

Photo Credit: Tricia Mahoney

So who shops at Yves Delorme? “We have such a broad spectrum of customers. Some buy an entire bedroom. Then we have others that come in because the atmosphere is so peaceful and they just like to look. They may buy a few bars of soap or a special gift… and that’s fantastic. Finally, we have my favorite customers! They love the pieces and they take their time. They come back a few times to look and decide – they save up. And the moment they buy is like ‘AHHHHH-FINALLY.’ They come in because it is so beautiful, peaceful and luxurious. As women we love that! Women want to be pampered, to take care of ourselves and surround ourselves with beautiful things,” explains Neubauer.

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New collections are designed and released twice a year in Spring and Fall. All pieces are sold individually so you can mix and match for your own individual look.

Yes this store is special. You can’t help but be totally taken in and hypnotized.

I loved the BAUPRE collection featured in the front right window. The sateen damask features a rich yet bold swirling paisley – such an unexpected, fresh twist for fall. The bedroom ensemble in the back featuring oversized light fixtures, SOUS BOIS leaf print bedding, bold accent pillow and striped oversized chair – glorious! And the white pillow with the black conch shells – perfection!

Photo Credit: Tricia Mahoney

If you have not visited Yves Delorme – you must!


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