DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A first-of-its kind report on the nation’s most congested roads includes a number of North Texas highways. The Texas Transportation Institute and others looked at more than 300 roads across the country and broke them down into eight categories of congestion.

“We’ve all had that experience where you’re driving in what you’re typically used to being a congested corridor, maybe it takes you a half an hour every day, but then there’s that one day that it takes an hour to go through there or two hours and you’re thinking what is going on,” said TTI researcher Bill Eisele.

Eisele says I-30 Westbound from St. Francis into downtown Dallas made the list of “Reliably Unreliable” roads. Eastbound 183 through the mid-cities appears in the top 40 on the list of highways that are most likely to be backed up in the morning.

During afternoons, Southbound 360 around Division in Arlington and southbound I-35 E getting into downtown Dallas are considered to be among the most congested in the country. Read the full study here.