Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End:

*Make sure you get this straight: The Cowboys’ offensive line isn’t suddenly playing better, but more so DeMarco Murray is making them look better. Like Emmitt Smith did in the ‘90s, a great running back makes a line more than vice-versa. Murray, by the way, is on pace to smash Tony Dorsett’s Cowboys’ rookie rushing record of 1,007 set way back in 1977.

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*If Jerry Sandusky did 1/40th of what he’s accused of, he’s a monster who committed unspeakable crimes against young boys and should be given the death penalty pronto. But I don’t get the rush to judgment on him or especially Joe Paterno, who as of yet hasn’t been charged with any legal wrongdoing. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty” in America? Let all the facts arise and let the legal system work. There’ll be plenty of time to tar and feather Sandusky, but while he’s pleading innocent and months before his trial doesn’t seem fair or rational. We’re engrossed in such a microwaved society that we want fast food, high-speed Internet and quickie lynchings. Deep breaths. Everyone.

*Here’s the difference in the NFL and NBA lockouts: Basketball players have options, and options equal leverage. While NFL players were limited in perhaps playing for the Arena League or the United Football League for a smidge of their salaries, NBA stars like Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and, yes, our own Dirk Nowitzki can command big money for fewer games overseas. And now even JJ Barea is being courted by a Chinese team. That’s the thing about basketball players. They love to play basketball. Football players work out, but rarely do they call 21 of their friends for a pick-up game. Same with baseball. But basketball players can just up and go to a gym and play in a pick-up game in the Dallas YMCA, or in Turkey.

*C.J. Wilson thinks he can get $120 million over six years. Sounds to me like he got high for the first time in his life. No friggin’ way. More important to the Rangers’ staff, pitching coach Mike Maddux is back after flirting with the Cubs and Red Sox. And speaking of pitching, manager Ron Washington says closer Neftali Feliz was too shaken to return to World Series Game 6 in the 10th  inning. Sorry, ain’t buying it. Feliz has closed 74 games over two years, including seven in the playoffs and three in the World Series. You mean to tell me allowing the Cardinals to tie – not win – a game on a damn good pitch hit by David Freese totally rattled him? Wash, are you sure you’re not sorta covering your ass for incorrectly throwing Darren Oliver out there to start the 10th?

*Always said I’d like to have Tim Tebow on my football team. As a leader. As a fullback. As a tight end. Just not as a quarterback. I know he’s won the last two games while completing a combined 11 passes, but the Broncos don’t beat the Jets last night without the interception return for a score from their defense. Just weird in Denver that the forward pass has gone the way of the rotary phone, stewardesses and full-service gas stations. And if you honestly think Tebow is a better quarterback than Tony Romo, please exit the Sportatorium immediately and never return. I can’t be your friend.



*Stat that makes zero sense: Tony Romo is 17-2 in November. I know the Cowboys get an edge playing at home on Thanksgiving, but even Ivy League grad Jason Garrett is at a loss to explain that one. Overall as a starter Romo is 44-26, meaning he’s only a combined three games over .500 in September-October-December-January.

* By the way, appears to me that Sandusky’s defense is going to be an admission of being “creepy” but a denial of being “criminal.”

*Now that Occupy Dallas is over, what were those folks protesting again? I admire their stubbornness and all, but to me their message got lost amidst fascinating details about unsanitary conditions, public sex and smoking pot adjacent to city hall.

*Okay, how is it that I read about the season-ending injury to SMU running back Zach Line on PonyPride.com on Tuesday, then last night saw the same information on ESPN’s crawl somehow crediting the Dallas Morning News with “breaking news”? Sometimes I don’t trust the way college sports information is disseminated. This would be one of those times.

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*Since when did a decent dishwasher cost $399? Ouch. But, honestly, I’d pay three times that much to simply push buttons instead of scrubbing dirty plates.

*Back to Penn State, this Mike McQueary is at the epicenter. He’s a guy who claims to have seen Sandusky in the shower sodomizing a 10-year-old boy. He told the Grand Jury he did nothing. He sent an email to friends claiming he stopped it, then told police. And he, in the following months, continued to appear with Sandusky at fund-raising events for Sandusky’s Second Mile charity. Nothing adds up with this guy.

*Those fans who were yelling but are now muted are known as Stars fans. Three consecutive losses – including an ugly 6-0 loss at home – will suddenly stop the clamoring for attention won’t it?

*Just saw ESPN reporter Mark Schwarz reporting from Syracuse, N.Y. … with snow falling on his noggin’. I hate winter. From chapped lips to early sundowns to getting shocked because of static electricity to bicycles/golf clubs/tennis racquets buried in the closet to hot girls over-bundled in cold-weather clothes, I really hate winter. No worries, only 105 days until Spring Break.

*The North Texas Super Bowl Committee winds up with a surplus of $7.1 million. They’ll give $5 million to charity and keep $2 for a future bid. They’re looking at Super Bowl L in 2016, but I’m wondering if the ultimate game will come back in the wake of last winter’s icy roads and ticket clustereff at Cowboys Stadium.

*Bring on the Astros to the AL West in 2013. Means baseball’s worst division will get even more awful. Which is good for the Rangers.

*After a healthy bailout from Uncle Sam, American Airlines’ stock rose to $42 a share in ‘07. These days it’s under $2. To which I say, “Eff ‘em!” American has taken away food, added baggage fees and during the World Series charged Greggo and I an astounding $700 per ticket to change our return to Dallas from St. Louis in the wake of a game being rained out and the schedule being pushed back a day. Good riddance.

*Had this song in my head and on my lips all week. Wondered about the lyrics. Surprised to find out it’s about dudes shooting other dudes: “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you’d better run, better run, outrun my gun. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you’d better run, better run, faster than my bullet.” Yikes.

*Shame on the CBS Evening News and award-winning reporter Armen Keteyian for duping us with a supposed newsy, “exclusive” interview with McQueary Tuesday night. No, Keteyian didn’t lie. He did get McQueary on camera. But, c’mon, selling that as news is bogus and Keteyian is wise enough to know better. Dents his credibility. Getting someone to say “I’m not ready to talk” is not, in fact, getting someone to talk.

*Thinking about a beach getaway during Christmas vacation. Anyone been to Belize? Yay or nay?

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*This weekend? Saturday I’ll be hangin’ at Vandergriff Honda in Arlington 3-5 and Saturday night I’m hosting another UFC watching party at Baby Dolls Dallas from 9-??? Sunday, of course, is Cowboys-Redskins, with the official pre-game show on 105.3 The Fan commencing at 9 a.m. from the Fan Sports Lounge in Victory Park. Don’t be a stranger.