Passengers wait at a TSA airport security checkpoint. (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Pies… yes, snow globes… no. As you, or someone you know, prepare to head out for the holiday you should know a few of the little known rules concerning what you can take on an airplane with you and what you should leave at home.

Amy Williams, with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), said you should definitely make sure your kids don’t bring toys that look like guns.

“Those really need to go in your checked baggage as well, because on the x-ray machine we’re not able to determine that it’s a toy and it could delay the screening process while we clear that,” she said.

Okay, most people would assume you shouldn’t have guns, of any type. But who would have thought – snow globes.

“We cannot determine the amount of liquid or the type of liquid that’s inside of a snow globe, so we just ask that you place that in your checked baggage,” Williams suggested.

As far as those TSA checkpoints, there’s some good news for parents. Children under the age of 12 no longer have to take off their shoes during the security check.

“I know, as a mother of a small child, that’s a huge timesaver on the back end of the screening checkpoint when you’re trying to gather your things back up,” empathized Williams.

Anyone with questions about what you can take on the plane

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