FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Santa’s not welcome in Fort Worth ISD Classrooms.  Neither are Christmas presents.

The district says Santa is welcome in the school cafeteria.  And the lobby.  But not in the classroom.

And no Christmas cards or presents, either.

“Santa Claus is welcome to visit our schools,” Interim Superintendent Walter Dansby said in a statement.  “But he cannot visit the classroom while the teacher is teaching.”

One of the district’s lawyers is reportedly concerned that if they allow students to exchange presents, they would also be be required to let them distribute a religious message with the gift.

Many people in Fort Worth are upset at the decision.  On the CBSDFW Facebook page today, Joe Perez wrote, “Sad to see how much freedom we’re losing just to be politically correct.”

Other commenters echoed his feelings.

But some support the move.  Another Facebook commenter said, “This is such a non-issue. If you want your child to have a religious experience, take them to church.”

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