DALLAS (KRLD) – The number of crimes on and around Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is up this year.

Even though a bus driver claims she was almost raped last summer and a young man died after being pushed into a moving train, DART officials believe their transit system is safe.

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DART officials say most of the crimes committed aren’t violent. DART robbery and theft crimes have doubled since last summer.

“Well, part of it is an increase in the usage of the system,” said DART Spokesman Morgan Lyons. “The system has grown, but also a lot of the crimes that we’re talking about are really crimes of opportunity.”

DART is doing what they can to educate riders and police have posted a YouTube video warning passengers to keep their personal electronic hidden.

Riders need to keep in mind that criminals could be watching. “People see things like iPods, iPads and they seek opportunities to snatch them,” said Lyons.

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While sex offenses on DART have nearly tripled, most of the offenses involved indecent exposure.

While DART officials think their system is safe overall, they aren’t ignoring the statistics.

“We always look at our data to inform our decisions about how we deploy our officers… whether it’s uniformed officers, plain clothes, or undercover.”

Cameras are being installed at train stations and new buses will be equipped with cameras.

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Lyons said, “We’re always trying to stay one step ahead [of criminals] as best we can.”