DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – They’re known to be cunning and quick, but at Southlake’s Carroll High School the fox is now a symbol of luck and victory.

During the winning play of the Carroll vs. Skyline playoff football game Saturday at SMU, one of the small, furry creatures darted onto the field.

“I had no idea what it was at first,” said Carroll wide receiver Corey Kemp, “I was just kind of in the moment and next thing I know I was kind of turning around looking at it and pointing at it.”

“It was just a blur to me,” said quarterback Kenny Hill, “very briefly, it just kind of ran by from the right to the left.”

The fox made his football debut during the final play of the state semi-final against Skyline.

The Carroll Dragons were behind by three and rallying to win.

“The energy was crazy down on the field, everyone was so nervous there was not much time left in the game,” said Junior Gregory Lang. “Kenny Hill is running toward the end zone and out of nowhere there’s a fox darting from the same corner he’s running toward.”

The fox ran right past Kemp, who is seen in the video turning and pointing at it as Hill scored the winning touchdown.

“I look by my feet and see a fox running at me, and I jump out of the way,” Kemp said, “I get to the sidelines and everyone is like ‘yeah we just scored!’ and I was like ‘did no one else see the fox on the field? Am I the only one who saw this fox?’”

While many may have missed it while being caught up in the excitement of the game, there are few at the Southlake school who have yet to hear about it.

The student council is making t-shirts that say ‘Fear the Fox.’ The shirts will be on sale later this week.

“People talk about it and they’re saying the fox is our good luck charm and all this stuff,” Hill said.

Now, Hill and his teammates are hoping their lucky streaker will bring them success in the state championship game this weekend at Cowboys Stadium.