(credit: CBS 11 News/Photojournalist Mike Kinney)

When I think of goats, which I don’t do very often, I never think about dry skin, bathing and soaps, but today’s story is about goats milk soap made by the Daniels family in Poolville.

I was met at the gate by nine year old Mackenzie Daniels, who I found out, is the owner of the goats. Her mom tells me she is the reason they are now in the goats milk soap business. Mackenzie milks the goats and mom makes the soap.

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Their story is a neat one. When Mackenzie was born she had dry, sensitive skin and regular soap was very hard on her, so mom tried all sorts of remedies and finally landed on goats milk soap. They were buying soap from Massachusetts when their second daughter came along with the same problem so mom decided to learn how to make her own soap.

She tried several times and said after about a thousand bars of soap she finally was successful. They were making soap for themselves when other people started asking if they could buy some from her.

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It was an interesting process watching Jennifer Daniels make soap. I knew soap has scents and other things added to it to help with moisturizing and exfoliating but I had never heard of putting poppy seed or blueberry seeds in soap.

Jennifer makes all sorts of shapes as well. She showed me some that look like cupcakes and one that looks like a Bundt cake. There are way too many “flavors” to list but you can check them out at their web store.

Here’s a little side note for you. Mackenzie’s goat Shirley won grand champion at the Fort Worth Stock Show this weekend so now you know the soap has got to be good if the milk comes from a champion!

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Mike Kinney