It takes a special kind of person that can take a wild animal into their home for rehabilitation. In today’s Through the Lens I met Birgit Sommer, the woman that runs Rainbow Wildlife Rescue in Weatherford.

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Sommer recently moved her whole operation from her quarter acre home in Stephenville to her new location with more that two acres to accommodate more animals.  She is getting ready for the spring rush of baby animals.  Last year she nursed more that 300 critters back to health. Everything from squirrels to possums needing bottle feeding and tender loving care until they can be released back into the wild.

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The problem she and all of her future patients is facing is that all the enclosures and pens she had up in Stephenville have not been put up at her new property.  She relies heavily on volunteer groups to help her build those enclosures.  She is asking for help because she knows the orphaned animals will be showing up at her door very soon.

She permanently cares for four very cute coati, a raccoon she uses for educational programs, some sugar gliders that were rescued from a cruel owner and several rescued dogs.

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If you would like to help out you can go to the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue website