Lamar Odom shot 2-14 from the floor in a loss to Minnesota Wednesday night.  His 16 minutes might have been the worst run of his short Mavericks career.   And that’s saying quite a bit.

Don’t you dare give up on him though DFW.  This man is going to be a very significant factor in the postseason.

Here’s why

1-Most importantly, this is a contract year for Odom.  If he’s feeling detached and unmotivated now, that is likely to change when his agent informs him of how much money he’s losing out on if he doesn’t start producing, and the number of games to make an impression on would be employers is shrinking.

2-Phil Factor.  The Zen Master was annoyed by the regular season grind.  It was necessary dues teams pay to get to the postseason.  His players enjoyed adapting that mentality, and the L.A. vibe helped give Odom even more of the too cool for school attitude you see on display.

The great thing is, there was a clear method to Jackson’s wackiness.  He knew teams can’t be expected to maintain 100 % focus for 7.5 months, so he intentionally held them back and ideally allowed them to peak mentally and physically as the playoffs started.

3-Lamar is out of shape.  He was off his legs for 7 consecutive months.  Lakers lost, he witnessed tragedy, got depressed, shut it down.   Teams didn’t start practicing until two months ago and he had done very little to be ready.  Any athlete that has taken more than half a year completely off knows that you can’t snap back in two months, no matter how elite your dna is.

When his legs are ready Coach is going to have a tough time keeping him off the floor and the Mavs trio of forwards will become the top group in the league as Carlisle predicted in training camp.

Book it, and if you see me beer me.