DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – One puppy is dead and another is recovering after someone wrapped plastic zip-ties around their necks. The puppy that survived was rescued from a cluttered storage shed in the 2300 block of Charles Street in East Dallas.

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“There’s just no words to describe the conditions inside there,” explained Diana Hall.

Hall runs The Velvet Snout; a dog rescue and boarding center. She and a coworker were called out to save the animals. When they arrived, one puppy was already dead after being strangled by a zip tie; which is typically used by police to handcuff criminals. “It’s the worse thing I’ve ever seen,” said Hall.

So far, a mother pit bull and two of her pups have been rescued. However, a fourth puppy remains somewhere inside the shed which is filled with debris, garbage, metal and sharp objects.

A puppy with a zip-tie around its neck is rescued.

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Dallas Fire Rescue was called out, but according to Hall, the firefighters decided not to pursue the puppy because of safety concerns. “They said it was too dangerous and too much of a biohazard,” added Hall.

George Burke says he owns the property, but not the dogs. Burke says he’s furious with Dallas Code Compliance for not only citing his property, but for allowing the K-9 rescuers inside his shed. “I have a messy property that wasn’t messy until the city came in here and dragged the stuff out of the building,” explained Burke. “They broke the lock and after they broke into the building, they dragged everything out looking for dogs,” he added.

Burke believes the dogs crawled under his fence. It still doesn’t explain who and why someone purposely tied plastic zip ties around the puppies’ necks.

Rescuers say access to the property has now been blocked by the owner. However, a cage with food has been left behind in hopes the final puppy will wander inside.

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