DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police are clarifying what was at first thought to be a death caused by an illegal drag racing incident Thursday.

Sixteen-year-old Tania Enamorado died when the car her twin brother was driving hit two telephone poles in the 6200 Block of South Lancaster in Southeast Oak Cliff.    Her brother  remains in critical condition at Baylor University Medical Center.

A cousin who was riding in the front passenger seat was also hospitalized, according to police.

While police have not identified the driver or passenger, relatives say they are Mauricio Enamorado and his cousin Isis Enamorado.  Police say the car’s driver was not racing another vehicle containing friends from school, but had rushed away from a stop light to try to catch up with it.  “It’s a direct result of poor choices,” said Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse, speaking for the Dallas Police Department.  “This individual was exceeding the speed limit, lost control of his vehicle and collided with two telephone poles.”

Police say Tania was in the back seat and died at the scene; the cousin, Isis, was the front seat passenger and ejected from the car.  Janse tells us the driver did not have a license.

The twins attended the Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegitate Academy, and on Friday extra counselors were brought in to help fellow students cope.  Among them was Aquidra Anderson, who told CBS 11, “ I don’t know what the family’s going through, but I hope they’ll be okay and I’m praying for them.”

A friend echoed concern for Tania.  “She was a good person, she was very nice. She was sweet.  A lot of people liked her,” said Cheyenne Nixon, who added, “It’s sad, a lot of people are really sad about it. I’m sad, too. Because she was so young. It’s tragic.”

Karina Colegio finished school and had to see for herself what happened, and where her friend and classmate died.  Teddy bears and flowers now mark the spot where the horriffic crash occurred.   “Right now I can’t cry anymore, I can’t cry anymore,” she said.

Police say the car was travelling well in excess of the 50mph speed limit when it hit a patch of water.   Police also tell CBS 11 that because the family is grieving it will be awhile before they consider whether to pursue charges against the driver, who is still fighting for his life in the hospital.

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