A doctor reads a blood pressure gauge during an examination of a patient. (credit: Getty Images/Joe Raedle)

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – If you take the advice of a new study, it might be a good idea to get your blood pressure checked in both arms.

The study indicates that people who have different blood pressure readings in their arms are 70-percent more likely to die of heart disease.

According to KRLD NewsRadio 1080 medical expert Dr. David Winter, different readings could be an indication of other problems.

“You might think there could be another blockage elsewhere in the legs, maybe the heart, maybe the artery to the brain. So it’s a sign that perhaps there’s some other disease in the vascular system,” he explained.

Winter said there are some patients more susceptible to blockages.

“You think of, when there are blockages, that’s something you typically see in folks in their 60s and 70s,” he said. “So young folks with high blood pressure — not likely to find that, but it’s not a bad idea to check it.”

The findings were published in the January 30 early online publication of The Lancet.