By Maddie Grussendorf
outoftheloop Out Of The Loop Showcases Best Of Dallas Theatre

(credit: WaterTower Theatre/Out of the Loop Festival)

This year’s Out of The Loop Fringe Festival, presented by WaterTower Theatre, promises to be the biggest in the fest’s history with more performances to please theater and art lovers. The Festival returns for it’s 12th year and will run March 1-11 with tickets at $65 ($55 for WaterTower Theatre members).

Since its inception in 2002, the Festival has welcomed Dallas’ best acts in theatre, music, dance and art, encouraging artists in the DFW to take risks and offering audiences entertainment beyond the typical content of subscription-based performances. Through the years, the Festival has featured more than 20 organizations, 50 individual performances and attracted up to 5,000 supporters. National artists have also increasingly participated in the festival alongside local talent and are now presented side-by-side throughout the 10-day run of the Festival.

“One of the driving forces behind WTT’s Out of the Loop Fringe Festival has always been to provide performance opportunities for existing and emerging theatre, dance and music companies as well as artists in our region,” said Terry Martin, Producing Artistic Director of WaterTower Theatre. “The Festival offers them the opportunity to present works that often vary in form and presentation from their typical content.  Most importantly, the Festival is a valuable way to develop new audiences who may not be aware of the participating companies and artists and their work.”

outoftheloop beautyshopstories Out Of The Loop Showcases Best Of Dallas Theatre

'Beauty Shop Stories', one of the performances from last year's festival (credit:

Past headliners include: Faye Lane (Beauty Shop Stories) in 2011, The 3 Redneck Tenors (Broadway Bound) in 2010, Charlie Ross (One-Man Star Wars Trilogy) in 2009 and Dixie Longate (Dixie’s Tupperware Party) in 2008

The Festival utilizes all three spaces of the Addison Theatre Centre including the Stone Cottage, which plays a fundamental role in the Loop Festival.  Those who have had an opportunity to attend the Festival in previous years will notice a rise in the quantity of performances, but don’t worry: the quality will remain on point with the Loop Festival’s established reputation.

WaterTower is giving special attention to shorter pieces that can be performed in under an hour. These pieces are easier to produce in a festival format, require less rehearsal time and allow for quicker turn over time. But most importantly they allow for a more diverse experience to be shared between the participants and the audience members.

“Shorter plays are easier to produce in a festival format … require less rehearsal time and they usually have fewer technical requirements which allows for quicker turn over time,” said Martin.  “They also allow an opportunity to partner groups in performance slots which will then provide even more diversity and variety to the Festival. “

For information on tickets and complete schedule and lineup, visit the website.

Out of the Loop Fringe Festival
March 1-11, 2012
WaterTower Theatre
15650 Addison Rd.
Addison, TX 75001