On the set of "Dallas." (credit: Sandie Newton/KTVT)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – For North Texas fans, one of the most anticipated elements of TNT’s new series “Dallas” was how producers decided to forgo the generic sound stages in Hollywood in favor of filming the entire series right here in, well, Dallas!

It makes sense but the original — and now iconic — television series was mostly shot in California, save for a few exteriors (most notably Southfork Ranch) in the 1970s, when it aired for 12 seasons as the top rated drama on CBS.

How things have changed!

J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen have returned some 20 years later, but the new, hip, younger generation of Ewings are bringing some old school melodrama, as well as sexy new vibes to the streets of North Texas. Southfork has also been recreated in an old building in South Dallas — it’s pretty impressive!

The original cast — Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Grey — have all gone on the record saying they have missed “Dallas” these past two decades and were thrilled to return to the updated drama. They’re even more thrilled to shoot it on location. They all rode horses, visited local monuments, dined out and shopped ’til they dropped — but it was the young, new cast that have really made their mark on Big D.

Sandie Newton meets the "Dallas" newcomers: Jordana Brewster and Josh Henderson. (credit: Sandie Newton/KTVT)

The young guns — Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe and Jordana Brewster — told CBS 11 News that they have fallen in love with North Texas! They love everything about the area, and hope TNT will quickly give them the news that all have been given a greenlight to start filming a second season soon.

The first season will debut on the cable network sometime this summer.

CBS 11 News was able to spend two days on the set with cast and crew, and found all to be a likable and jovial group, despite the drama and intrigue their characters faced daily while filming!

Having visited the real Southfork many times over the years, the re-creation inside that big, old Dallas building really hits the mark. They have taken the liberty to update furnishings — as anyone might do after living in a home for over 20 years — but the bones are still there, along with, perhaps, a few skeletons in the closets.

Sandie Newton interviews "Dallas" star Patrick Duffy. (credit: Sandie Newton/KTVT)

The days that CBS 11 News was on set, we were only able to talk to Patrick Duffy and the new cast. But all assured us that the new series promises to be one crazy ride!

The young cast was in awe of the original crew, but after a fun “break the ice” dinner hosted by J.R./Larry Hagman himself, all settled into a nice friendship, and said that they hated to see the filming come to an end!

We will continue to follow the progress of “Dallas,” and cannot wait for the 2012 Ewing generation to begin their reign!

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