THE COLONY (CBSDFW.COM) – Montana Lance was only 9-years-old when he took his life in January, 2010 at Stewart’s Creek Elementary School in The Colony. The 4th grader locked the door to the nurse’s bathroom and then hanged himself with a belt.

His parents say relentless bullying pushed their son to the edge. Potential evidence has recently come to light that may support their claim.

CBS 11 obtained video and written transcripts from former students at Stewart’s Creek Elementary, claiming that Montana Lance was bullied repeatedly while at school.

Read The Transcripts Below:

The video and supporting documents come from interviews conducted by the attorneys representing the Lance family. The written transcripts were taken by a certified court reporter.

In a video recorded interview, one student says that soon after Montana died, a counselor at the school spoke to the entire 4th grade. “Did Mr. Glass tell you why Montana died,” asked attorney, Ryan Johnson.  “Umm, he said that he died because of bullying,” replied a former classmate of Montana.

Montana Lance

The classmate goes on to say that he too was bullied at Stewart’s Creek Elementary and that nothing was done to stop it. “I would be name called, picked on and physical,” explained the student. “I would tell my teachers, and if it would get too out of hand, I would tell the principal,” he added.

During another video interview, that same student’s mother described some of the abuse her son encountered. “He got hit pretty strongly by a child punching him on the back of his head,” she explained. “He got cuts and scrapes on his knees and elbows from falling off his bike from a child sticking things into his bike trying to hit him,” the mother added.

In a written transcript, another classmate says he was also bullied, “frequently.” When asked if he told his teachers, he replied, “Yes, but nothing was done about it.” That same classmate also stated he saw Montana bullied “all the time” and that “it got worse as time went by.”

A former female student at Stewart’s Creek says when she told a teacher that she was being bullied, the teacher allegedly responded, “Oh, you’ll get over it.” The female student says she replied by saying, “They do this to me every day. How can I get over it?” She went on to say that the abuse made her think, “this world was better off without me.”

Stewart’s Elementary is part of the Lewisville Independent School District. The district has maintained that there is no link between Montana’s death and bullying. In fact, in a recent deposition, the school’s assistant principal, Amy Teddy, said Montana was “not bullied.”

District spokeswoman, Karen Permetti, issued the following statement. “During this time, the Lewisville Independent School District’s thoughts are with the Lance family as they have suffered a tremendous loss. Due to pending litigation, the district is unable to comment on any questions related to this case.”

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