Your wedding may be one of the biggest organized events that you plan in your lifetime. With prices on everything from decorations to party favors constantly rising, some happy couples are looking to cut costs by having their big day at their North Texas home. After all, everything in Texas is done big and in grand style, even if it’s at home. But can a bride and groom effectively have a wedding at their home while accommodating guests and keeping the cost down? Local wedding planners seem to think that it is possible if the couple follow some simple rules to wedding planning for their homed instead of other venues.

Protect Yourself

Be sure to protect yourself and your home. Wedding day mayhem and mishaps are bound to happen. “Just think about all of the people that will be arriving to and from your house,” says Teri Robinson of AnyEvent Event Planning Services in Dallas. “You want to be sure that you have adequate insurance, such as liability insurance for any incidents or accidents that could occur on your property.” You can contact your current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance provider to determine the cost of adding additional insurance for your big day. If you don’t have an insurance representative, inquire about wedding day protection with Bryan Warren.

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Property Size

Are your home and property big enough? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself when you begin planning for your wedding at home. While your wedding is about you and your partner, you want to be sure that your guests are comfortable and accommodated. “Couples who want to save money by having their big day at their home tend to overlook the actual size of their home, yard, and possible landscaping needs,” says LaKisha Wells of Renee’s Eventi in Dallas. To prepare your yard, try Roundtree’s landscaping services.

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Consider Financial Obligations

Couples who are planning weddings need to ask themselves one question: Will we save more money having our wedding at home or will it cost us more money? “Typically, the major costs for a wedding include the venues for some couples and the necessary transportation needs to get to and from the events,” adds LaKisha. “But while the couple is saving cost by having the wedding at home, they still need to hire professional vendors such as a baker, photographer, and florist.” Brides should also factor in the necessary rental needs, such as tables and chairs and maybe even a tent for varying weather conditions.


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Talk With Your Neighbors

Check and double check with your neighbors and neighborhood requirements. Many residents throughout Texas are under some sort of homeowner’s association committee. With that comes rules and regulations as to the number of guests, loudness of music, and parking. Teri suggests, “Let your neighbors know of the event and explain that parking in the neighborhood may be heavy.”

Make a guest list

If you are having the wedding and wedding reception at your home, you need to prepare proportionately. “When you are planning a wedding in the home, you need to be sure of three things: That your home furnishing are moved to a safe area, that your bridal party is small enough for the space, and that you have the necessary tables and chairs to seat guests inside and outside,” says Teri. “Also, keep your guest list to a minimum,” LaKisha adds. “You don’t want your limited reception or wedding space to interfere with the reception highlights.”

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