North Texas is known for its unpredictable climate changes. Waking up to 30 degree weather only to find yourself shedding layers of clothes by lunchtime is not uncommon. This unpredictability in the weather can cause some challenges in how North Texas residents maintain their lawns.

If you enjoy making magic happen in your backyard with plants, flowers, or even a vegetable garden, this list is for you. Here are some essential tools that every aspiring do-it-yourself landscaper should have. These must-have-tools are also affordably priced and start under $100.

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Shears and Pruners
Owning a pair of garden shears is important. Not only do they aide in maintaining plant life, but they also come in handy when opening lawn products. Pruners will assist in the trimming of thin branches and shrubbery around the yard.

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Shovel, Scoops, and Wheelbarrow

Every do-it-yourself landscaper needs a shovel or wheelbarrow to move dirt and debris. A quality shovel also allows you to dig necessary trenches for a possible sprinkler system, while scoops can be used to plant.

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Water Hoses

Your lawn needs to be watered effectively daily. Unfortunately, there are some cities in the D/FW that implement water restrictions. With this in a mind, a good watering hose and sprinkler system will help regulate how much water you use. Being able to control the times of day and amount of water used on the lawn can help save money, not only on the water bill, but also from hefty fines imposed by the city for watering too much. The best time of the day to water the lawn and plants is when the temperature is at its coolest, usually early morning or late evening.

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Rakes and Garden Hoes

Another important hand tool for landscaping is a good rake to aid in the removal of leaves and to filter dirt or gravel during landscaping projects. Because of Fort Worth’s varying weather conditions, many landscapers prefer low maintenance grass and plants. Adding a fertilizer with potassium to the lawn in the spring and summer months will prepare it to be more drought-tolerant should we experience less-than-normal rainfall amounts this summer or fall.

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Gardening and Landscaping Gloves

Your hands can quickly become calloused if you do not use gloves. A good pair of garden or landscaping gloves is an essential part of the necessary landscaping tools. While this item seems minor, it is important to have on hand, especially when working around sharp items. Heavy utility gloves will have extra protection around the palms and finger grips.

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