CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) –  A Carrollton police officer is recovering in Parkland Hospital after his squad car was hit broadside by another vehicle, a Lexus whose driver police have yet to identify.

Immediately after the wreck Officer Matt Bonner was trying to call from his crashed car, but apparently was too stunned to talk.

Seconds dragged by as five officers rushed to the scene to help, but no one knew where he was until a passerby took the radio from his hands.

Here is the transcribed conversation from the radio call:

“WITNESS: Officer Bonner is down. 317 Whitlock. Whitlock and Old Denton road, right at the intersection (unintelligible).

DISPATCHER: Received, Sir, we’ve got them on the way.”

The mysterious Good Samaritan wasn’t the only one happening onto the scene.  Chuck Lucas heard the crash.  “I heard a ‘bang’ and walked outside and saw a police car bounce over the curb,” he told CBS 11.

Lucas checked on the other driver, saw he was conscious, and went towards the policeman.

“There was somebody talking on his radio calling for help,” Lucas said, adding, “…that they needed an ambulance and fire crews there as soon as possible and an off-duty police officer came up and just took over.”

As uniformed officers arrived, the stranger disappeared.   Police still don’t know who he is. But his action helped shave off precious minutes on efforts to get Officer Bonner help, especially as his car door had to be cut off in order to get to him.

“The officer was unconscious a little bit at the scene,” said Carrollton police spokesman Lt. Doug Mitchell.  “He regained consciousness when paramedics began treating him and was transported by Carrollton Fire Department ambulance to Parkland.”

Bonner had been working a special traffic enforcement program and had just written a citation, according to police, but he wasn’t on a dispatched call at the time of the collision and it’s not known where he was headed. But Lucas says it can be a dangerous intersection.

“It’s kind of a real busy intersection and a lot of people come off the hill pretty quick sometimes.”

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