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Missing dog Butch, who was taken during a carjacking in Cedar Hill. (Credit: Washington family)

CEDAR HILL (CBSDFW.COM) – A pet dog who provides comfort to a man with special needs is still missing, nearly a week after he was taken during a violent car jacking in Cedar Hill.

Cedar Hill Police say Corey Dunn, 37, grabbed Marvette Washington, 45, while she was loading groceries into her car in a Walmart parking lot last week.

Dunn allegedly sped away as Washington pled for him to allow her brother to exit before he took the car.

Police say Dunn pushed Prentice Washington, 36, who has Down Syndrome, out of the vehicle and sped away. Butch, a 3-year-old Schnauzer and Yorkie mix, was still inside.

When Dunn was arrested, the dog was nowhere to be found. That is still the case on Saturday.

“They found our car and they found my purse, but they did not find our dog,” Washington said after the arrest last week.

This weekend, friends and family began canvassing the area with the help of the Johnson County Humane Society. The target area is near Dunbar Elementary, and supporters set up a camp at Peaches Restaurant in the 2300 block of Lagow across the street.

As humane society spokeswoman Cindy Hauss wrote:

Time is of the essence in finding little “Butch Michael”.  The most recent report is that Butch was seen in the neighborhood in Dallas near Dunbar Elementary school (Fairpark area) with several children.  Marvy (Butch Michael’s Mom) spent some time walking the neighborhood this morning and passed out some flyers with notification for the reward for the safe return of Butch.

Marvette Washington says Butch is her brother’s best friend, and the family won’t be complete until he’s found.

Have you seen the dog? Contact the family at find_butch@hotmail.com.