(CBS News) OHIO – Photographers Harvey Bristol and Dorothea Lange famously documented the plight of migrant farm workers struggling to survive the Dust Bowl days of the Great Depression.

CBS News national correspondent Jim Axelrod caught up with a modern-day photographer, Steve Liss, who is trying to open America’s eyes to another epic struggle for survival.

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Liss is a master photographer who has taken 43 TIME magazine covers. However, his latest subjects are a group that’s moved out of the spotlight: the 50 million Americans, millions of those Texans, who live in poverty.

Saying that he needed a sense that he was making a real contribution to make the world a better place, Liss founded the “In Our Own Backyard” project three years ago. Liss recruits photographers to travel the country and make the invisible visible.

Some of those photographers traveled to Texas.

According to AmericanPoverty.org, the Lone Star State has the 5th highest poverty rate in the country. Despite stereotypes, statistics show that most poor families with children in Texas are headed by a working parent.

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