DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Men and women on the front lines of investigating and prosecuting crimes against women are meeting in Dallas. Attendees, including police officers, district attorneys and victim’s assistance workers are among those who have come from all over the country, and some places abroad, to attend the 7th annual Conference on Crimes Against Women.

As the conference opened today in downtown Dallas those in attendance were urged not to investigate their next assignment the same way they investigated their last one.

Leaders at the conference said the tools of investigation are constantly changing and improving, and the minds of criminals do not always mirror one another.

“One of the things that I pledge to you, and our police department pledges, is that we’re committed to learning new ways of prosecuting, arresting, preventing violence against women in going forward,” declared Dallas Police Chief David Brown, who attended the conference opening ceremony. “We learn so much from interacting with all of you during this conference.”

The conference is hosted by the Dallas Police Department and Genesis Women’s Shelter.

“The brilliance of what is going to take place over the next two and a half days is that law enforcement and prosecutors from all over the country and foreign countries as well, will come together to hear best practices and cutting edge investigating tools,” said Jan Langbein, Executive Director of Genesis.

Langbein said the positive impact of shard information could be immediate.

“What we know is a homicide committed today will be looked at differently because of someone sitting in this room. A domestic violence assault will be treated differently because of something that was taught at this conference,” she said.

More than 1,000 people are expected to address topics including, stalking, domestic violence, and sexual assault, at the conference that runs trough Wednesday, March 28.

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