Jim Grzann, left, speaks with Haltom City Fire Marshall Fred Napp about a nearby paint business on March 27, 2012. (Credit: CBSDFW.com)

HALTOM CITY (CBSDFW.COM) – Jim Grzann walked around his front yard Tuesday pointing to all the different pieces of equipment he’s gathered over the years, “This is my work yard,” he said.

He also pointed to a layer of green paint that covers his roof. It lives on his equipment, too –– it’s even on the road bordering his property.

Grzann says when the business next door, Shotwell & Son, is working on storage tanks the wind carries the paint toward his property.

Since Grzann is blind, “For me to see something I have to touch it,” he said.

“There is no other way; I’ve got to touch it. When I touch it, it’s on me. If it’s wet paint, if it’s grease, if it’s dirt; it’s on me.  I need to know if this overspray is hazardous to our health; if it’s going to make us sick.”

The sandblasting and painting company was cited by Haltom City a few weeks ago for illegal spraying.

The citation was for $500.

“I issued a citation to the business a couple of weeks ago and also contacted TCEQ (The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality),” said Haltom City Fire Marshall Fred Napp. “The problem is that TCEQ has the heavier hammer as the state regulator for spray painting and emissions I contacted them and they opened a case.”

Napp also says outdoor paint spraying in Haltom City isn’t allowed. Monday afternoon, he stopped by Grzann’s property and spoke to the 64-year-old.

“Show me what you are seeing today that’s getting on your property you have paint overspray on your building?” asked Napp.

Grzann replied, “Wait a minute!  I’m blind not stupid!  You’re asking me to show you!  Something is wrong with this mister!  Now I’m getting hot! Damn I’m getting hot!” says Grzann.

CBS 11 News contacted TCEQ as well. A spokesperson says the agency is conducting multiple investigations after receiving a number of complaints.

CBS 11 News also tried to talk to someone with Shotwell and Son, but multiple phone calls have not been returned over the past two days.

When a crew went by the business Tuesday the gate was immediately shut.

As for Grzann, “All I want is for you to run a chemical compound on that,” he told Napp. “Is it going to make me sick?”

The best the fire marshal told him he could do is call TCEQ again, “It’s beyond what we can do in our office.  I’m not a chemist.”

Napp says the business has submitted plans to build something so they can spray the tanks indoors.

The TCEQ expects its investigation to wrap up in May.