NEW YORK (CBS SPORTS) – The Browns may still be on a search for a franchise quarterback, but come Thursday, April 26, the Redskins, thanks to a blockbuster trade that catapulted them to the No. 2 pick, will have their quarterback of the future. The only remaining question: will it be Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III?

The Colts have the first-overall selection and the consensus is that they’ll take Luck. Owner Jim Irsay says his team has yet to settle on a player, but either way, from Washington’s perspective, it’s a win-win proposition. “That’s a decision, when you get to the second pick, you’ve got to feel great about both guys,” Mike Shanahan said at Wednesday morning’s NFC head coaches media breakfast, according to’s Don Banks. “There can’t be any, ‘Oh, I hope I get this guy, I hope I get that guy,’ because you don’t know what’s going to happen. You know what’s reported, but you just don’t know, especially with this process. But when we did move up to that position, we had to feel great about both of them before we gave up what we gave up.”

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Banks then pointed out to Shanahan that the conventional wisdom had the more athletic RG3 as the better fit in Washington’s scheme.

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