By Andrea Lucia

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW) – 30-year-old Tony Weathers posed confidently for a picture at the starting line.

Tony Weathers, 30, died trying to cross the Trinity River during the 15th 'Original Mud Run' event in Fort Worth on April 14, 2012. This is him at the starting line.(Credit: Weathers Family)

“He was all happy and everything.  I took a picture of him right before the race. And I was going to take another one when he got a little bit dirty, and leave… but that was the last time I saw him,” said Tim Munetsi, a friend who completed the race earlier in the day.

Munetsi said he waited by several obstacles along the route and later at the finish line.  When Weathers didn’t appear, he knew something was wrong.  “He should have been one of the first to come in,” said Munetsi.

The two friends met in a boot camp held twice a week at Cimarron Park Rec Center in Irving.  In two years, trainer Lynetta Moore says, the student she nicknamed ‘Weatherman’ never missed a class. “He is truly going to be missed,” she said.

Monday evening, her students skipped exercise to pray.

A standout in the class, Weathers knew how to swim and ran a mile in less than 5 minutes, said Moore. “He was fast and he was strong,” she said. “His death had nothing to do with his athleticism and his ability – because he was perfectly capable of finishing, if not winning.”

Munetsi said he avoided the river crossing where dive teams later discovered his friend’s body.  “I stepped in and when I realized how deep it was, I went around that particular obstacle,” he said.

“I’m devestated. I’m at a loss for words,” said Munetsi.

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