By Jack Fink

COLLEYVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Results from a test by environmental group the Earthworks Oil and Gas Accountability Project, found emissions from a gas well near the Southlake border contained dangerous levels of toxic chemicals.

READ: Earthworks Accountability Project Statement

But the city debates those findings; an inspector hired by Colleyville said residents should not be alarmed.

Installation of said well, owned by Titan Operating along Pleasant Run Road, was a contentious issue. Three residents paid $1,000 to have the well tested in February. Results were announced Tuesday.

According to Earthworks, emissions of carbon disulforide, a neurotoxin, benzene, known to cause cancer, and naphthalene, suspected of causing cancer, all exceeded state levels. In total, Earthworks says the results detected 26 chemical emissions.

At least one resident placed a canister to measure the air quality in his yard that backs up to the well site some 1,700 feet away. But he declined to comment.

Southlake resident Gordon Aalund, who recently fought a natural gas well in his neighborhood, did speak on the findings.

“It’s one thing to be suspicious, it’s another thing to have it confirmed,” he said. “Certainly, I think you’d rather know this is happening than not, but once you find out, it’s pretty upsetting.

However, an inspector hired by Colleyville said residents should not be worried. Kenneth Tramm rejects the results, saying they used the wrong criteria.

He was hired by the city to conduct comprehensive monitoring at the well site and found no chemicals exceeding state levels.

“There definitely were emissions,” he said. “It’s just those concentrations didn’t exceed the residential threshold, even on the pad site.”

Concerned residents like Aalund say they wanted Titan to put in a pipeline at the well site.

Experts say that would have reduced chemical emissions.

The city of Colleyville’s community development director Ron Ruthven says Titan intended to have a pipeline installed, but that it didn’t work out.

Ruthven says at the time, the city did not require a pipeline at the gas well sites, but now it does.

Titan Operating sent a statement Wednesday in response to the story saying:

Titan Operating, LLC is in full compliance with the city of Colleyville’s ‘Gas Well Drilling’ Ordinance.

For further information regarding recent air emission claims, we refer you to the statement issued by the city of Colleyville which is posted below.

City of Colleyville statement (4/24/12):

We feel comfortable that the report provided by the independent inspector was an accurate reflection of activity on the site during Titan’s fracking operations. Our role is to protect the public’s safety and we took every precaution to do that. We believe that the scientific processes used by the independent inspector and his findings are valid, fall within state and federal standards, and complied with our city ordinance.

Southlake says it will forward Colleyville’s report to the Southlake City Council for review.

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