By Tracy Kornet

CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Google the name Sharon Simmons, and the Internet lights up.

From the Huffington Post to the Hollywood Gossip to USA Today, the story of the 55-year-old grandmother auditioning to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader made headlines around the world.

The Carrollton resident did not make it beyond the first day of auditions, but that’s not to say her audition wasn’t impressive.

Throughout the day-long dance-off and interviews, Simmons’ confidence and charisma were on full display.

“Certainly I was disappointed, after training for months and being so excited,” said Simmons outside her Carrollton home early Thursday morning. “My most memorable moment was doing the freestyle dance for the judge. I was feeling that moment. And I feel I did very well.”

Simmons says she was most surprised by the kindness of her competitors and the Cowboys cheerleaders staff.

“One of the DCC cheerleaders came up and introduced herself to me and helped me apply makeup. She even indicated ‘I want you to be successful’.”

I asked her to keep us updated during auditions. Her emails every few hours painted a spirited snapshot.

“Having a ball. Going fantastic!” she wrote.

“This has been an incredible experience!”

And even after the numbers were posted of those women moving on to the next round — Sharon’s not among them — you could still sense her smile in her final update.

“Oh Tracy, my number was not on the board. I am ok. I hope you are ok, too. Eating out tonight. Ice cream too.”

So what’s next for the author and fitness competitor?

“I’m currently dancing with an all-theater dance team,” explained Simmons excitedly.  “And I’m training for my next fitness routine. And a second book in the works.  The entire process was extremely exciting. I’d do it again. And I have no regrets.”