MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – Michele Bisconti is a mother experiencing a range of emotions. Bisconti says she’s relieved now that her two children are back with her in their home in McKinney. “It was a huge, huge burden off my back when they were located Sunday night.”

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Bisconti drove to Memphis to pick up her 14-year-old son, Camren and her 10-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, after an Amber Alert helped police locate them with their father.

Bisconti admits that when she picked up her children, the reunion did not go as she had hoped. “It wasn’t the happy reunion one would think to be reunited with your kids,” she explained. “It was a very difficult reunion. They were very traumatized.”

Kaitlyn and Carmen Guresh.

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Bisconti said her ex-husband, Craig Guresh, has been pitting their children against her. Police say the two were taken illegally by Guresh Friday night.

The Amber Alert led police to their car in Memphis, where armed officers surrounded the vehicle. “It was appalling,” said Bisconti. “The horror of what they witnessed on Sunday,” she added.

This is the second time Guresh has been arrested for taking his children. The 44-year-old is also accused of taking them to Montana last September. The children were finally reunited with their mother in January.

In that case, there was no Amber Alert. This time, however, Michele is thankful that one was issued. “Had that Amber Alert not been issued, I probably would have had to gone further to get them and maybe even longer for them to be found.”

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Guresh remains in a Memphis jail on $2,000,000 bond.