Tony Romo seen wearing a Boston Celtics tank top. (credit: @PaigeGreco via Twitter)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Poor Tony Romo. The guy can’t wear a ball cap backwards, play a round of golf or tan on the beaches of Cabo without someone taking to a message board to criticize him. Now, he’s being blamed for possibly, single-handedly ruining the chances for the Boston Celtics in Game 6 on Wednesday, when they take on the Philadelphia 76ers.


Romo was spotted by a girl (@PaigeGreco on Twitter) at a rec center playing hoops in… a Celtics tank top! Sweet little Paige decided to tweet out a picture of herself with Romo, with said tank top. Now, the people of Boston are freaking out that the “Romo Curse” will be placed on their beloved Celtics since he’s donning their logo.

Via on Tuesday night, via @PaigeGreco: “‘Hangin out with my homeboy Tony Romo last night… Yes I know I look gross.’ Blah, blah, blah. Let’s focus on those seven letters across Romo’s rec league jersey. Isn’t a bigger kiss of death to an NBA franchise still in the playoffs like this guy wearing your name. We’re talking one NFL playoff victory. Don’t say we didn’t warn Boston fans when something goes wrong in Game 6 & 7.”

I have a feeling that, somewhere in Tennessee, former Seattle Seahawks player (turned Titan) Jordan Babineaux is watching footage of the 2007 Seattle/Dallas NFC wild card playoff game and smiling.

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