FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — The  billion-dollar plan to change the face of Fort Worth along the Trinity River will add a reservoir and new bridges across the river.

But the Trinity River Vision Project could cause some big traffic problems soon.

At some point in 2013, traffic along Henderson and West 7th Streets will have traffic altered due to traffic.

“Traffic is already bad now,” said Sharon McNeal, who crosses the 7th Street bridge to have lunch with coworkers. “And if they take out the bridge its just going to get worse.”

As part of the Trinity River Vision, three new bridges will be added across the Trinity at Henderson, North Main and White Settlement Road.  Those projects begin in January of next year and finish in 2017.

But the headaches will begin around February of next year when work will close the 7th Street bridge and Henderson Street at the same time.

“Yes, we will have some traffic challenges,” said Mark Rauscher, who oversees the project for the City of Fort Worth.

Anticipating problems, Fort Worth hired a traffic planner to devise a way around the construction.

The city has devised a detour plan routing traffic into and out of downtown on other streets.

Fort Worth believes the traffic plan will mean only minor delays for people going in and out of downtown.

“In terms of extra travel time we’re talking 90 seconds to four minutes coming into the downtown area,” Rauscher said.

Some people say those are travel times they’ll have to see to believe.

“I think I’ll probably have to leave home about an hour early,” said Fairy Bosen, “(because of) the traffic! It’ll be horrible!”