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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The fiscal year for the North Texas Food Bank is near and the organization says while there’s plenty to celebrate they are still $1,000,000 short of their fundraising goal.

With an increased demand and change of focus at the Food Bank, operation and supply costs have increased.

In July of 2011 began the ReThink Hunger campaign. The ReThink Hunger push sets out to provide healthier food to support the nutritional needs of people struggling with hunger.

“Our focus changed from just sending any type of donated food through the supply chain to really focusing on providing Healthy foods,” explained North Texas Food Bank Chief Philanthropy Officer Colleen Brinkmann. “No longer is it right just to push any kind of food through the pipeline.”

The move to provide more nutritional food has come at a cost; administrators say it costs 33-percent more to provide larger quantities of healthy foods.

In this first year of the ReThink Hunger plan the North Texas Food Bank is $1 million behind in reaching its $16.5 million goal.

Food Bank administrators say they need help from the community to continue to close the hunger gap in North Texas… a gap that may not be as wide as many think.

“There’s a big misconception that the face of hunger is really the man on the corner, with a cardboard sign, when in fact only 9-percent of the food from the North Texas Food Bank goes to shelters and soup kitchens. Most of the food goes to families and 40-percent of them are working families,” Brinkmann said.

Often hunger is seen as a far away problem and not one that should be the focus of those fortunate enough not to be in need.

“We don’t have to go across the ocean to find hunger, it is right here in North Texas,” Brinkmann said of the problem. “Right here in the shadow of these gorgeous skyscrapers that we have, in these lush neighborhoods, hunger is right here.”

Currently the North Texas Food Bank provides some 92,000 meals a day, which is the equivalent to one, sold out Cotton Bowl — but the need is three times that.

According to Brinkmann, every dollar donated provides three meals for a family and only 6-cents of that dollar is spent on administration and fundraising.

The Food Bank is striving to reach the $16.5 million goal in the next two weeks.

The North Texas Food Bank provides food to 300 agencies in 13 North Texas counties.

Click here to find out more about the North Texas Food Bank or to make a donation.

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