By Chief Meteorologist Larry MowryBy Larry Mowry

As we approach what looks like our first 100 degree day of the year, I wanted to look back at this year compared to last year.  By June 22, 2011, we had already had 7 days with temperatures at or above 100 degrees.  This was just the start of what would be 71 days with temperatures in the triple digits.  The most of any year on record.

Here are some 100 degree facts for DFW…

August is the month where we usually see the most 100 degree days.  Here is the climatological average for 100 degree days for each month.

2012 vs 2011…

Another really interesting look at the numbers reveal that this year up thru June 22 has been hotter than last year up to this point.  The main reason for that is that this winter was more mild compared to last winter.  Here is a look at the average temperature for the first 6 months of each of the past two years.



Jan        Feb        Mar        Apr        May        Jun

50.4      52.4      64.3       70.3       77.9      82.3



Jan        Feb        Mar        Apr        May        Jun

42.8       49.5      61.3       70.8      72.8       82.3



I am hopeful that we get to 100 degrees on Monday.  Not because I like 100 degree weather, but I was the first to forecast 100 degree for Monday, June 25.  I do like to look at what other meteorologist are forecasting and I was the only one to forecast a high of 100 for Monday on Monday, June 18.  So seven days in advance I forecasted the first triple digit day.  That is to say if we get there!  🙂