FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Fort Worth is asking its residents to help plan what the city’s downtown will look like.

Plan 2023 is sketching out the downtown’s evolution by asking people to stop by this website and share their vision for the city’s center.

“We just want the feedback from everyday people who love and enjoy Fort Worth and what their vision of Fort Worth is,” said Becky Fetty, marketing director for Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.

She says more than 100 users have signed up in the few weeks the site has been online. The site asks visitors to close their eyes and picture the city in the year 2023. From transportation to tourist draws, any idea goes.

“Anything!” Fetty said. “Right now we’ve received remarks from wanting to see what kind of retail people like –– they’re adding specific retailers that they like to see –– to the bike trail, to, Molly the trolley; It’s just people’s ideas for what they’d like to see.”

Here are some other suggestions we ran past people in Fort Worth: A downtown, outdoor workout area; an adult playground, if you will.

“That’d be interesting,” said Monica Dodwin who was visiting downtown Monday. “That’s something different. We do workout in the park so, yeah!”

One person said they’d like an affordable place to stay downtown. They suggested a hostel, where you rent a bed in a dormitory styled room.

“Oh, no!” exclaimed Chelsea Elkins, another downtown visitor when she heard the idea. “I couldn’t do it. I’m kind of messy, so I don’t think other people would enjoy staying with me either.”

And then there’s the suggestion of parklets.

San Francisco has a program that trades a couple of parallel parking spots for a little green space along the sidewalk.

“Yes! We need more,” Elkins said about parklets. And then she immediately added, “And more parking.”

Have an idea for downtown? Tell the city about it here.