PARKER COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – It was a big bust of underage drinkers in Parker County that began with an anonymous noise complaint.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler say it happened July 5 and when deputies arrived at the house, near Aledo, they found dozens of beer-toting juveniles.

“As usual the deputies arrived on the scene and a lot of people start scattering and running. They corralled I think 26 of them,” Sheriff Fowler explained.

One adult was among those in the group rounded up just after Midnight.

Fowler says such parties are too common and always frustrating.

“What I don’t understand is these adults who let this happen. All I can say is they better have a good homeowner’s policy if something goes wrong… if you get my drift,” Fowler said. “For an adult to say ‘Well, okay you can come to my place and drink your alcohol’ to me that’s insane.”

In addition to being illegal and what Sheriff Fowler calls irresponsible, situations with youngsters and alcohol are also very dangerous.

“Well, yeah! You get a bunch of young people drinking, whooping it up, getting in cars and taking off, and this, that and the other,” Sheriff Fowler said of potential dangers.

Everyone at the scene got citations and deputies called the parents of all the juveniles. The adult male at the house was handed a ticket for serving the booze.

Apparently the adult was renting the house. Police contacted the homeowner and the renter was advised that he was in violation of the rental agreement. When he ran from deputies and “abandoned” the house.

While no arrests were made officials say the case is being turned over to investigations and is ongoing.