DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – New information has emerged about a fire that destroyed an East Oak Cliff home on the Forth of July.

More than 100 emergency calls were made in an effort to save the home. Many went unanswered.

The owner of that house is now talking for the first time after learning how it all played out at the 911 Call Center.

Dora Fuller is literally camped out in front of her home, at least what is left of it.

“I just don’t know why it happened to me,” Fuller said.

The one story brick home went up in flames early in the morning on the Fourth of July.

She has been staying in a motel at night but during the day she is at the home, keeping watch after thieves reportedly came looking for anything left of value.

“That’s why they came and put the fence around and everything,” said Fuller.

Serious concerns were raised the morning of the fire after dozens say they called 911 and were put on hold. Many decided to hang up.

But Dallas police say proper procedures were followed at the 911 call center.

There were 13 operators on duty, enough employees, the police department says to handle the call volume on a holiday.

Some family members disagree.

“13 people to handle the metroplex, that’s not enough,” said family member Dolores Lewis.”

In all 177 calls came in during a 15 minute span, at one point 44 people were on hold.

Now Dora Fuller has learned her charred home will be torn down next week.

And although firefighters were unable to save her home Fuller is thankful so many people called for help.

“I just really hate it didn’t go through in time but I thank everyone for trying,” Fuller said.