Nahum Martinez, 15, who was shot and killed on March 31, 2012. (Credit: Wylie ISD)

WYLIE (CBSFDW.COM) – Two teens accused of killing a Wylie East High School classmate were allegedly high on drugs when they committed the murder.

A Wylie police detective testified during a certification hearing on Monday whether one of the two accused boys should be tried as an adult for murdering Nahum Martinez. He was 15 years old when he was found dead.

A psychologist testified that the teen knows right from wrong, has no mental disabilities, and seemed flat and emotionless during his evaluation.

Three teenage classmates of the accused 14-year-old testified that the defendant brought a loaded gun to Wylie East High School days before Martinez was murdered.

The 15-year-old victim was shot and killed inside the accused 14-year-old’s Wylie home. His body was found partially stuffed into a nearby storm drain.

A Wylie detective testified that the two boys told him they wanted to scare Martinez with a gun before they invited him over.

“They would just point it at him, Nahum appeared scared so they stopped. Later on, they got the gun out again, loaded the gun, pointed it at Nahum’s head and pulled the trigger,” according to the detective.

That detective also testified that the two accused boys told him they were high when it happened.  No drugs or alcohol were found in the victim’s body and his family broke down at times during the hearing.

A state psychologist described the 14-year-old’s risk of committing more violence as moderate.

But defense attorneys insist the 14-year-old is immature and family problems made him unstable.

The defendant’s mother took the stand as the hearing’s last witness and pleaded with the judge not to certify him as an adult.

“He’s just a kid,” the mother said.

A juvenile probation officer testified that the defendant, who just turned 15, would be out of custody at 19 unless he’s tried as an adult and that’s not enough time.