A man and woman exchane rings during a wedding ceremony. (credit: Mykola Lazarenko/AFP/Getty Images)

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – You or someone you know has probably planned a wedding. It’s a big day that everyone expects to be perfect. Now, the federal government wants to help.

The Centers for Disease Control has come up with a Wedding Day Survival Guide. The guide has a survival list for both the bride and the groom.

CBS 11 News met up with some local brides who had only one thing on their minds — getting ready for their wedding!

As they worked out they could be thinking about anything from their dress, to the flowers, or perhaps the bridesmaids. But what they’re not thinking about is preventing a disaster.

When bride Nicole Cox was asked what she thought about the new survival guide she said, “It’s funny but I don’t know if that’s exactly what I would think about my wedding day. I hope it wasn’t in ‘disaster mode’ yet.”

Bride Stacie Schrenkeisen mirrored the sentiment of many women.

“I don’t know about other girls but I’ve dreamed about my wedding since I was 4-years-old, so I want everything to be perfect,” she said.

The CDC is tasked with public safety, so who better qualified to offer “survival” tips? The tips include advice for everything from planning events to preparing for the honeymoon.

Some of the recommendations include having a kit with safety pins and a few sedatives ready in case of any emotional breakdowns. Future husbands and wives are also advised to have a plan in case of a tear in a wedding dress or damaged tuxedo, have medications and equipment for common health issues, and constantly monitor area weather conditions.

There are also contingencies in case ‘Bridezilla’ pops up!

“I think that the whole Wedding Survival Guide basically could also be renamed or why should you hire a wedding professional,” Julie Eastman, owner of  Extraordinary Events & Design said laughing. “I take all these worries, all these plans in the kit that’s what I take care of, so the bride doesn’t have to worry about anything. And I never have Bridezilla.”

Most people say the tongue-in-cheek survival guide is a lot like the Zombie Survival Guide that the agency came out with last year.

Some of the North Texas brides wondered out loud if lately the agency has a little too much time on its hands.

“West Nile, hurricane season, drought… we have so many other things to worry about that no one is worried you don’t have safety pin at your wedding,” bride Jackie Luckett said matter-of-factly.

CBS 11 News contacted to CDC to ask about the Wedding Day Survival Guide, but was told the agency is not commenting and letting the blog speak for itself.

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