By Jack Fink

 (CBS 11 NEWS) – Late Monday afternoon, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst and Governor Rick Perry called potential supporters to vote in Tuesday’s Republican run-off for U-S Senate seat.

The latest poll shows Dewhurst, the well-known Republican is now trailing behind former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz.

If he’s worried, Dewhurst didn’t show it.  Dewhurst said, “There a lot more Dewhurst voters in the state of Texas than there are Cruz voters. I’m absolutely confident after looking at polling data after polling data and empirical evidence, I’m absolutely convinced we win tomorrow.”

Joining them, former Senate Republican candidates Tom Leppert and Craig James – both have endorsed Dewhurst.

Cruz didn’t hold campaign events Monday, but the Tea Party Express which is backing him stopped in Dallas today.

Amy Kremer of the Tea Party Express told supporters at first, they didn’t consider getting involved in the Texas Senate race.

Kremer said, “We got involved here because the movement is involved here and the movement is behind Ted Cruz, and we want to support Mr. Cruz.”

Both Cruz and Dewhurst have brought in high-level political supporters:

On Friday, former Vixe-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin campaigned in the Woodlands for Cruz.

She told supporters there, “Friends, the only solution to big government waste and fraud and this debt is sudden and relentless reform and Ted will fight for that, but he needs your help, he needs your support, he needs your vote.”

But Governor Perry isn’t impressed.

He told reporters Monday, “Whether it was tax policy, whether it’s regulatory policy, legal policy, or social policy, it’s David Dewhurst, a committed conservative who has helped make Texas the best place to live, to raise a family, and to own a business.”

This race has been flooded by negative ads.

It’s also become a true test of the Tea Party’s strength here in Texas.

Dewhurst is backed by most Texas leaders, but Cruz has energetic support from the Tea Party and the grassroots.

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