DALLAS (CBS 11 News) – One area of Dallas, which has traditionally been underserved by national retail chains, is looking to get a big boost.

A local developer has reportedly made plans with Wal-Mart to open a super store on the southwest corner of Interstate-35E and Ledbetter, in Oak Cliff.

Most local resident welcome the news.

“I think it would be a great idea to have a super Wal-Mart in this area,” resident DeRouens Mitchell said.

Mitchell grew up in the area and still lives and works in the same neighborhood. He said he’s optimistic about the project for a number of reasons.

“[It will] bring jobs to the community, which we need,” he said. “People won’t have to drive as far to go to the grocery store and it’ll boost the economy.”

Mitchell believes the store would be especially helpful to the elderly and anyone with limited transportation options.

Terrance Maiden also grew up in Oak Cliff, but for him the project hits “close to home” for different reasons. Maiden is the project manager and vice president of development for Corinth Properties, the store developer.

Some 26 acres have been designated for the new super Wal-Mart and another 11 acres for other stores.

“We think this project will not only create jobs but also create an environment,” Maiden said. “We’ve been talking to a lot of national and regional retail tenants to come into the project, as well as restaurants.”

There are a number of retailers considering taking up space in the new shopping area.

“We’re talking to, like, the GameStop and Radio Shacks of the world, and then we have some fast-food restaurants going in,” Maiden explained.

Maiden isn’t the only one who hopes the new Wal-Mart will stimulate the kind of development that it did in Pinnacle Park, in far northwest Oak Cliff.

“When you compare it to things that took place in Pinnacle Park, it all started with a Wal-Mart, AT&T, and then you look at what has taken place,” said Dallas city councilmember Dwaine Caraway, who represents District 4. “All of the different restaurants, the economic development, the housing around it, the jobs, everything has just turned to a positive.”

Looking around the undeveloped land Caraway remarked, “Had it not been that we would start with this Wal-Mart we would still sit like this for the next 20 years.”

The entire project is called Glen Oaks Village, named after the adjoining neighborhood and unlike some recent Wal-Mart developments Glen Oaks is embracing the idea that some mature, native trees should be left in place.

For now, Maiden continues his work with Corinth Properties and everyone there is excited about the possibility of area development taking off.

“Once the project gets up and going other national retailers will look at the intersection as well,” Maiden said.

Groundbreaking for the development will take place in four to six weeks and the official ribbon cutting will happen in late 2013.

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