(CBSDFW.COM) – Maxine Schwarze says her neighbor, Keith Korth, was fishing in a Port O’Connor tournament last weekend and somehow became infected with flesh-eating bacteria or Necrotizing Fasciitis. He was flown to Houston’s Methodist Hospital where his leg was amputated about two inches above the knee.

“I’ve seen patients where, you know, they’re on a fishing trip. They go to sleep and they woke up in the morning and all of their leg is red. It’s very fast. This bacteria can go about an inch an hour,” Said Dr. Luis Ostrovsky.

Ostrosky is not treating Korth, but said bacteria known as Aeromonas in fresh water and Vibrio in salt water thrive during our warm summer months.

“These bacteria are present everywhere and 99 percent of the people are not going to get flesh-eating bacteria. It’s rare cases where it happens, but when it’s happening, you need to be fast,” Ostrovsky said.

He also says bacteria can creep in, even in wounds as small as a pinprick or paper cut.

“Any cut needs to be addressed. You need to clean it with soap and water. An antiseptic ointment is best to use as well. You need to watch it. If it gets red, if you start seeing blisters, if you have any fever, you need to go to the hospital right away,” Dr. Ostrovsky said.

Fewer than three out of every 100 thousand people will ever get flesh-eating bacteria, but half of those cases are fatal.

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