By Sierra Williams, CBSDFW Intern

Did you miss the tax-free deals when you were shopping?

It was easy for me. I found great deals, awesome prices and perfect locations. But not everything I hoped for.

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I searched, asked and even researched where to find good bargains. I saw the grand opening of Grand Prairie ‘Paragon Outlet’ Mall. Stores like Coach, Juicy Couture, Bloomingdale’s, Michael Kors and much more. I was excited for the grand opening and I was ready to do a lot of shopping but I didn’t get everything I needed. My experience was all but ‘Grand’.

Just a few problems: The lines, clutter, crowds and not enough time. This was a problem as I was expecting to do most of my shopping over the weekend. The most overwhelming part of the journey was trying to locate what I needed and to get everything I wanted within the time I dedicated.

I ran into issues with finding items. I asked employees for help and they even had trouble looking for items due to clutter. Many lines I stood in were unbelievably long while crowded stores made it overwhelming to shop. Ultimately I found great deals but I needed another solution.

Was I really getting a bargain?

As I was shopping a parent of a school-aged child spoke to me with dismay telling me how companies are taking advantage of parents. Referring to items she previously bought before the ‘Tax free holiday bargain’ saying merchandise was cheaper then. This made me think twice about the ‘holiday shopping’.

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Of course I found great deals for particularly lower prices, but was the frustration really worth it?

You’re not the only one, you still have time to shop.

There are still plenty of shopping deals happening in stores near you. I did a little more research to see the ‘back to school sales’. A lot of the same, even better deals are going on after the tax-free holiday. Many companies such as Target, Burlington Coat factory, Foot locker and Walmart are just a few of the merchants that are still actively participating in ‘back to school’ specials. Having bargains for the shoppers who did not want to deal with the troubles that come with the tax-free holiday.

Tax free does not always mean the cheapest way to shop, and no way at all is it easy. But at least you have another option. Make sure to do your homework and find out other great deals in your area that participate in ‘Back to school’ deals. I got pretty great deals, Although I am looking forward to the up-coming sales companies are offering now until school.

Sierra Williams is an intern for

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