CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A shooting over the weekend inside a homeowner’s garage has put an upper middle class Carrollton neighborhood on edge.

“It’s just a scary thing,” said Stacey Lee.

Lee makes sure she does one thing before pulling her car into her garage now.

“Making sure the garage door is down before we get out. We’re very, very concerned,” she said.

Through the garage is how a man reportedly got close enough to Nancy Howard Saturday night and took her purse. First, he shot her. Her family describes how it happened on a CaringBridge page they made for her.

 “A man came into the garage as she was arriving home, just before she exited her car, and shot her once, just above her left eye. The bullet traveled through her throat and lodged just above her right lung.”

Stacey Lee said, “You never think about anything like this happening right next door to you.”

Lee worries about her three children, all of whom are under the age of seven. Lee’s mother also lives with her and her husband.  But Lee is a strong Christian. She’s praying for the Howards who live next door to her.

“I just pray to God that Jesus heals her. And, I also pray for the perpetrator,” Lee said.

Nothing like this has ever happened in this neighborhood before. Neighbors say they received a Crime Watch email from Matthew Marchant, the Mayor of Carrollton.

In it, he said police do not believe the general public is at risk.  That did easy the minds of some in this neighborhood but not everyone, at least not yet.

Police put out an alert to let residents know there had been a shooting, the victim was recovering and to always be aware of your surroundings wherever you go.

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