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DALLAS (CBSDFW) – It’s a matter that’s been up for debate in North Texas since spraying for mosquitoes began: What’s worse, West Nile Virus? Or the pesticide used to kill the mosquitoes that carry it?

Marie Tedei owns a farm in South Dallas County and says her area received heavy ground spraying for West Nile Virus about a week ago, which she believes triggered an allergic reaction.

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“Throughout the day as I could smell the residual of pesticide in the area I started developing early symptoms of Bronchitis,” says Tedei who claims she felt a burning in her lungs and throat that lasted for several days.

Local activist Jenny Land, who has created a special telephone hotline for people to call if they feel like they’ve become ill from the pesticide used in spraying for mosquitoes, says she’s been getting calls from individuals who have experienced similar affects from the spray.

“There’s lots of reports of people vomiting usually in combination with some other symptoms, there are people who are reporting persistent headaches and allergic reactions,” says Land.

The negative reaction to the spray is something that Carrie Williams with the Texas Department of State Health Services admits can happen in a certain segment of the population.

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“In very rare cases people may experience a worsening of pre-existing asthma conditions or even experience skin irritation,” says Williams, “keep in mind you can have an allergic reaction to anything.”

Williams advises anyone who thinks they may have had an allergic reaction to mosquito spraying to contact poison control.  Last night Mansfield began ground spraying for the first time, so far 19 people have died from West Nile Virus in North Texas.

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If you think you have been affected by the spray, you can call the Concerned Citizens for Safer Mosquito Control hotline: 469-619-7367

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