FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Not everyone finds his or her “significant other” through an online dating site. Couples still meet through friends, at work, or even a bar. But a typical first date now also involves verifying what you’ve read about that person on Facebook.

A survey from book publisher “Harlequin” found 52 percent of women check out men before a first date. That’s just one way social media is playing a role in the dating scene.

“I think Facebook is a better way to just get a better idea of who someone is without really making a commitment,” says TCU student, Anna Farha. “When you have someone’s number, it seems a little bit more intimidating.”

But another student, Keijuanna Jackson disagrees. “If someone tries to talk to you through Facebook and Twitter, that’s usually a bad sign because they should want to talk to you.”

Author and romance expert, Kat Smith, agrees that social networking and dating now go hand-in-hand.

“You can check out their page and see what they post.” But she warns, “Don’t, you know, cyberstalk them. Don’t read the whole page and know every move that they make.”

Kat also says don’t go overboard with commenting or liking on someone’s page. If you wouldn’t acknowledge their status update over the phone, it’s probably unnecessary to bombard their wall.

She also suggests that you keep spats private. Don’t post angry comments or tweets.

“Don’t handle your arguments via your Facebook community. They don’t need to know what’s going on between you and that person.”

Social media makes it easy to share the news of a new relationship. But, when it comes to changing that all-important relationship status, make sure the other person is on board first.