ARLINGTON (CBS 11 NEWS) – There was no way Texas Rangers fan Colton Burton was missing his team’s chance to win this Wild Card matchup against the Baltimore Orioles.

“Oh no. No way. If my other job tried to call me in, I’d have gotten sick or fired. It doesn’t matter.”

With beer and food in his hands, the only thing missing for Colton on game day at 11 a.m. were other fans.

“Yeah, I feel lonely. Usually there’s a lot more people to hang out with and get ready for the game. We got here at 11 o’clock. There will be more people out here. It should be good.”

He adds, “I think fans are a little disappointed that we didn’t win the division.”

If you ask fans at the ballpark about the Rangers opponent, they say they don’t know much about the Orioles.

“I haven’t really watched them all season,” says Rangers fan, Ryan Powers.

Stephen Mislan and his 11-year old daughter have watched the Orioles all year and are fired up to see their team play in the postseason.

“I’m from Lawton, Oklahoma and we’re here to watch the Orioles win,” he says. “I’m happy! It’s been 15 years. It was worth the drive down here.”

Still, there’s little doubt Rangers fans will show up in numbers for tonight’s game at the Ballpark in Arlington, and so will the Rangers.

“Oh, they’re going to pull this thing off,” says Van Johnson. “Watch ’em! Watch ’em pull it off. Oh man! It’s going to be nothing short of a miracle.”

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